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East Staffordshire February Volunteering News

Thu 11 Feb 2021

This time of year is usually one where the interest in volunteering is at a low point. The rush of New Year’s resolutions to help others dwindles as the long winter nights and cold days limit what can be done in the community.

But, this year it is different; yes, the nights are long and the days are very cold, but, there is an underlying swell of people who want to continue to help others during the ongoing Covid crisis.

The biggest need is quite simple; look after your family, friends and neighbours – are they in need? How can you help?

A good deal of volunteering has gone ‘virtual’; the personal contact we all strive for is not there, but the ability to keep in touch by phone or video is still an option and desperately needed – even more so in the coming months.

In January I held a ‘virtual’ volunteers fair with South Staffordshire College. Over 25 groups took part and the fair was ‘attended’ by 767 people – mainly from the college. It was different, but really did provide an opportunity for charities and potential volunteers to link up with an added bonus of new partnerships with the college. There were teething problems – IT is never perfect!

A couple of quotes highlight the benefits of the Fair:

“Listening to the volunteers fair has motivated me somewhat to research volunteering, so in my free time I may decide try and seek out a volunteering role.” – Learner

“It was an honour to be involved , thankyou for thinking of us and hope we can continue these links at this difficult times and future. What a great idea.” – Charity

So, why not take the plunge with one (or more) of the groups below. They are local and need your support.

  • Midlands Air Ambulance – They have an immediate need for fund raisers
  • MHA Communities & Burton Albion Community Trust – Telephone befriending is still in demand.
  • Broadway Social Enterprise – They need a cook to prepare fresh meals for the community.
  • South Staffordshire Network for Mental Health – help is needed in a number of roles including admin, fund raising, trustees.
  • Caudwell Children – A Staffordshire based charity looking for volunteers to help young people.
  • East Staffs Volunteer car scheme – New drivers are needed to help people get to hospital appointments etc
  • Star Foundation – Can you help with admin or practical roles. A great group to volunteer with.

For more information or to apply for one a volunteering opportunity call 07729 883822  or email rick.hill@supportstaffordshire.org.uk.