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Dying Matters, Staffordshire Campaign

Tue 13 Mar 2018

Staffordshire County Council are due to launch a new campaign in March, called Dying Matters, Staffordshire. The aim of the campaign is to encourage more people to think, talk and plan for their own end of life experience, and that of their family or friends. We know that many people do not have the end of life experience that they would like, and so we want to encourage people to talk about death and dying so that they can feel comfortable to start expressing their wishes and making plans as soon as possible.

The campaign will launch in the week commencing 19th March and will run up until the beginning of the national Dying Matters Awareness week in May. As part of the campaign we will have our own Staffordshire webpages which will be accessible to the public, and we will share the details of these pages as soon as possible.

As part of the campaign, we would also like to encourage individuals, groups or organisations, of any kind, to host their own discussions about death and dying. The county council has developed an information pack for anyone who is interested in holding their own group discussions, and we would also like to offer small training sessions for people to attend in order to learn more. If you would be interested in attending a training session, please let us know.

For any queries concerning the campaign or to express an interest in attending a training session, please contact either Vicky Rowley at vicky.rowley@staffordshire.gov.uk or Dave Sugden david.sugden@staffordshire.gov.uk