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Wed 12 Jun 2019

#DoingOurBit is a new campaign designed to inspire people to do one more small thing to help themselves, their family and those around them.

There's already thousands of people across Staffordshire doing small things that make a big difference, from putting out a neighbour's bin to eating healthier just one day a week.

Small actions add up to make a big difference. 

The #DoingOurBit campaign aims to showcase the local people making a difference to inspire everyone to do one more thing.

You've received this email because you've said you're interested in hearing about volunteer opportunities across Staffordshire.

We hope it inspires you to get involved with small activities  that can make a big difference for you and yours.

Learn more at DoingOurBit.info

Get inspired at DoingOurBit.info

Why is #DoingOurBit happening? 

Staffordshire will be a better place to live and work if the county council and residents work together. This video explains how #DoingOurBit can make that happen.