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Thu 3 Dec 2015

Do you know someone who puts dignity at the heart of the care or support that they give? Take the time to thank them for their support by nominating them for a Dignity Award.

These awards provide the opportunity to recognise and reward those people and organisations in the community whose actions make a difference and serve as an example to others. This can include young people, family carers, community groups, supportive friends or a neighbour.

Closing date for nominations is Wednesday 6th January 2016.

You can make a nomination for a group, organisation or individual in the following four categories.

  1. Learning: Promoting dignity through learning, training or knowledge. How has learning helped to improve how people are supported? How did undertaking a qualification, some mentoring or a workshop Make a Difference?
  2. Creativity: Implementing a new way of working to embed dignity. What new ideas helped to improve how people are supported? How did an individual or a team Make a Difference? You could give examples of End of Life care, Nutrition, Assistive technology, improving the environment, Communication.
  3. Community: Maintaining dignity by ensuring that people are active members of their local community. What community connections have helped to Make a Difference to people’s lives?
  4. Outstanding example: Recognising outstanding individuals who act as an example to others.

Do you know someone whose actions make a difference to other people’s lives? How do they demonstrate best practice by their actions, through their daily work and the support they give to others?

How to Nominate

To make a nomination and download a form visit the website: Dignity Awards 2015

Completed forms can be sent to dignity@staffordshire.gov.uk or to Staffordshire Dignity Awards, Care Market Development Team, Staffordshire County Council, The Kingston Centre, Fairway, Stafford, ST16 3TW

If you require any further information please contact the Care Market Development Team on 01785 355795.