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Deadline approaching: Theatres Protection Fund UK Small Grants Scheme

Thu 20 Apr 2017

Small capital grants are available to theatres in the UK that are run by charities and not-for-profit groups that can clearly demonstrate the value capital improvements to their theatres would make to their work with local communities.

Grants of up to £5,000 per organisation per year are available.

Applications towards specific items within capital projects or capital projects under £250,000 will be prioritised.

This scheme is currently open to applications with a deadline of 16 May 2017

To be eligible, applicants must meet the following requirements:

Own or manage theatres with titles or signed leases of more than five years on buildings in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Demonstrate that they run a regular theatre programme of professional, community and/or amateur work presenting no less than 30 performances a year.

Have a bona fide UK charitable or not-for-profit legal structure and be able to provide certified or audited accounts for at least two years.

Grants are to be used for small capital projects that address urgent building repairs, improve operational viability, introduce environmental improvements, and which enhance physical accessibility.

Priority is given to applications towards specific and recognisable items within capital projects under £250,000.

The Trustees take into account a project's urgency, other resources available to the applicant and the extent to which the grant would make a significant difference to promoting the better protection of theatres. Funds are generally awarded where they are considered to have the most impact in realising an applicant's capital project.