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County Council Strategic Partner Update

Wed 12 Oct 2016

Just a quick update from me this month before I head off on paternity leave… eek! We have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few months to pull together a clear plan of action for our new work with SCVYS and SSCVA as the county council’s new strategic partners. We have had some challenges along the way and have not agreed with the local authority on everything, but I do now feel we have established a frank and honest way of working with a plan that is deliverable and will make a big positive difference to Staffordshire communities.


As some may be aware the new relationship is far more focussed than the historical ‘infrastructure’ support. In year one Support Staffordshire (and SSCVA in South Staffordshire) will be focussed on a clear set of priorities around ensuring that all of the new community library groups are well supported from the outset, that both existing and emerging friends of and volunteer groups for the countryside estate are enabled and supported and more widely that all opportunities to volunteer are widely known about, promoted and taken up by the right volunteers! If you have a role to play in local libraries or country parks and you are not yet involved, then please get in touch. Equally, if you have nothing to do with these areas of work, but your volunteer roles and advertising could do with a refresh, now is the time to drop us a line.


In addition to these very practical tasks, we are now deep into a piece of work around supporting the health and care system to become more aware of and inclusive of both voluntary organisations services and local community support that keeps residents out of care altogether. A parallel piece of work is also taking place around the children and families support system, led by SCVYS. In both cases we are trying to strike the right balance between long term planning and sustainable solutions, vs getting stuck in and supporting you and other active citizens to make a difference now. So, if you have a bright idea to improve the health and care system then please talk to us, but equally don’t worry that you will be left behind. Support Staffordshire wants to ensure we take our members with us as we explore new ways that the VCSE sector ‘could’ help the social care and health services; so we will come back to you with our thinking in due course.


As always, look out for upcoming locality forums for the latest on your patch and wish me luck!




Chief Executive