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Consultation: Staffordshire's Food Landscape

Tue 21 Apr 2015

Staffordshire County Council has f3 Local Food Consultants with the aim of gaining an overview of the breadth of Staffordshire’s food landscape and its current value to the local economy whilst also identifying sustainable growth opportunities in order to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits.

To inform the early research phase of this project f3 have launched a selection of surveys tailored to include producers, processors/manufacturers, distributors, trade buyers, public sector, community initiatives, food waste and consumers.

The surveys are available at http://localfood.org.uk/wordpress/staffs/

The final report will be complete by the early June 2015 and results made available to partners, it is then anticipated that there will be a Staffordshire Food Summit event later this year with the aim of potentially establishing a local food partnership working towards a whole systems approach to food sustainability across Staffordshire.

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