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Compassionate Community Charter Status Award for Brereton Million

Wed 22 Sep 2021

We are pleased to hear the announcement that Compassionate Communities UK have awarded Brereton Million the Compassionate Community Charter Status. 

Only two City Councils have been given the Compassionate Community Charter Status.  However Brereton Million are the FIRST community group in the universe to get this award. This is because of the amazing work the Covid Support Group have done during the pandemic, including the bereavement support and the continued support for residents around isolation and loneliness.

The award celebration is 2-4pm on 24th September in Brereton & Ravenhill Park.  

This has been awarded to everyone who joined Brereton Million in making the Covid Support group successful.

For further information contact sue.biglocal@gmail.com 

A Little bit about Compassionate Communities UK

Compassionate Communities UK has been developed to work with communities to build compassion as a major value in life, manifesting in they way we treat each other and the world around us.

Relationships with people and place, play a central role in life. Our evolutionary development has depended on kindness and compassion and how we have cooperated and supported each other. Good social relationships play a major part in helping us to live long, healthy, happy lives. In addition to building communities where compassion and kindness is part of every day life,  compassionate communities (and cities) recognise the central role that chronic ill health and mortality plays in the minds, behaviours and social meanings that people develop when confronted with experiences of all serious illness, ageing, caregiving and loss. They complement the efforts of all health promotion activities in national communities. The practice approach is essentially the same – i.e. civic engagement and community development, public education, and changes to the social and policy environment. Compassionate communities are communities that squarely acknowledge the major but under-recognised, the least spoken about, and the often overlooked human experiences in all communities of serious illness, ageing, dying, caregiving and loss. The people undergoing these experiences have a right to health and wellbeing. Compassionate Communities UK implements strategies to address the morbidities (illnesses) and mortalities (deaths) that are consequences of the experiences of ageing, serious illness, caregiving, or loss.