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Communities Against Crimes of Hate (CACH) Awarded Charity Status

Wed 15 Apr 2020

Communities Against Crimes of Hate (CACH) has been awarded charity status as a CIO.  They are a long standing organisation who support victims of hate crime in a variety of ways including acting as an advocate as well as being a listening ear.  CACH also educate and raise awareness of hate crime as well as promoting tolerance in schools, colleges, workplaces and the community.  

CACH worked with the consultancy team at Support Staffordshire to get their application to the Charity Commission off the ground.  This involved liaising with the trustees, ensuring that the charity commission requirements and provisions were met.  Charity regulation best practice was reviewed and highlighted by our experienced staff and the very detailed application process was completed on behalf of CACH freeing them up to continue their day to day work.

Anna McLauchlan, CACH Coordinator said “Throughout the process of applying to be a charity, from early discussions about taking this route to the Charity Number arriving in our inbox, Support Staffordshire have been there.  Whilst not an especially onerous process it was so reassuring to have the experts ‘on hand’ to explain the terminology and to have the confidence that they understood what the Charity Commission were looking for.  

Even though we now have the Charity Number in place Support Staffordshire continue to have an interest and will be supporting our Trustees in understanding their roles as we progress and develop further.  I am so grateful that we have Support Staffordshire on board and am confident that the support and reassurance they provided made the application process much more bearable.”

Whilst we are all going through this difficult time together there are some who are seeking to blame others and treating innocent members of our community appallingly.  It is important that this behaviour is reported and that those targeted are given the support they require.  CACH are continuing to take reports and offer support, including via Skype (by arrangement), so please report any incidents of hate crime that you witness in your community either by phone or online via the CACH Partnership Report Form.