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Call blockers for people living with dementia

Tue 22 Aug 2017

The National Trading Standards Scams Team are looking for national partner organisations to help identify people living with dementia who would benefit from a call blocker to stop them receiving nuisance and scam calls. Once a partner has identified a potential user they would send the partner a call blocker for installation. If you are not able to carry out the installation (which is very straight forward) they can arrange for an installer to carry it out. They would ask that the partner organisation feeds back to the NTS Scams Team the impact having the call blocker has had on the user - this is a very short survey of approx. 6 questions about how worried the user is about nuisance calls etc. They need this feedback so that they can prove the success of the project and apply for more funding for more call blockers.

The units are free of charge to the users (they will need to have caller ID activated on their phone line for the units to work though). The only cost associated with the units is access to an online control panel for each unit, this allows the user/ their friends and family to monitor the calls that get through the units blocks. Access to the panel is free for the first year and then incurs a small charge. The units will still work without the online panel being active as the unit can be managed via the telephone handset, however it can be easier to see how effective the unit is via the online panel.

They have funding for approximately 1500 units and so far have distributed just over 200 so we can essentially provide you with as many as you need in your area. They hope that they will be able to secure more funding for more units so please ask for as many as is needed.

If you have any other questions please email Frances Wilson  or contact her by phone on 01323 464 444.