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Burton upon Trent Child Contact Centre launch new website and appoint new Coordinator

Tue 5 Feb 2019

Burton upon Trent Child Contact Centre, in East Staffordshire, provides the facility for a Contact Centre, serving the local and wider community. 

They have recently launched a new website:  www.burtonontrentccc.org.uk 

The Centre is a safe, friendly and impartial place where children can meet with their parent (or other family members) with whom they no longer live with following their parents’ relationship breakdown.

They also welcome to their team as the new Co-ordinator, Paul Mills.

Paul; is a long-time resident of Burton on Trent where he lives with wife Cheryl and children Daniel, Dylan and Lexi.  As well as his involvement with the Contact Centre Paul is also involved with a local Scout Group and has qualifications in first aid, conflict management and other areas which will assist him greatly in his role.  Perhaps most significantly Paul has personal experience as a user of the Contact Centre where, 14 years ago, he was able to have contact with his eldest child. 

Paul says, "It was this experience that persuaded me to step forward when I heard that the Contact Centre was looking for a new co-ordinator.  I knew how much the centre had helped me through a difficult time and I wanted to put something back.  I feel that my experience will be invaluable in my new role as it means that I understand what it feels like to be a Dad who's not able to see his child, but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned for the situation of the Mums also.  The Contact Centre really is completely neutral.  The most important people are the children and whatever has happened they're the ones who need the contact most.   I really look forward to ensuring that the service goes from strength to strength."