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Burntwood Church hosts its second Place of Welcome

Tue 13 Aug 2019

Beacon Community Church in Burntwood has added a new community venture to its busy diary of events.  Snack & Chat now runs every Wednesday from 11.30 – 2.00pm and is the second Place of Welcome at this church. Their first one Be Friends - which has been taking place each Tuesday between 10am and 12 noon for a while– is now being joined by this regular Wednesday drop-in. 

Places of Welcome Facilitator Judith Parry dropped by recently and was made very welcome by the volunteers pictured.  The added provision a most excellent cup of tea and sausage sandwich - all on voluntary donation basis – was an added bonus.

If you wish to know more about Places of Welcome, a network which seeks to ensure that every neighbourhood has somewhere for people to go for a cuppa, a chat and some support if needed, then please visit the website: www.placesofwelcome.org.uk.  Judith can also be reached by email: placesofweleometct@outlook.com.