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B&Q Launch 'Community Re-use' Initiative

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Sun 6 Mar 2016

B&Q have launched a Wastage Scheme called Community Re-use.

The scheme is in place to donate unsellable products and materials for re-use, for the benefit of the local community and the environment.

The items are unsellable, but that doesn’t mean rubbish. No electrical or dangerous product can be donated e.g. broken ladders, faulty chairs or lights. Items available include wood, paint, tiles, turf, etc.

Ask your local store to see if you apply, and if they have any stock (or will do soon). You should then contact head office on 0333 014 3098 and ask to be added to the scheme. You’ll then be given products for free that they can’t sell within the store.

There’s no guarantee – but it’s always worth giving your local store a call if you are part of an eligible group.

For further information please visit their website.