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Be a Good Neighbour

Mon 16 Mar 2020

We’ve noticed lots of people want to help as the Corona Virus causes more people to stay at home – this is great, but people aren’t always sure where to start and some are worried about safety or fraud. We want to encourage neighbourliness in these uncertain times, so here are our top tips:

  • Keep it local and manageable – we suggest your own street or about 20-30 houses at most, please don’t try and cover a larger area!
  • Don’t try to cover more than you realistically can sustain – this might last for months
  • Stick to a patch you know well
  • Keep to where people will recognise you and trust your offer is genuine
  • Use our template and adapt it to suit your offer File Hello template.docx, but;
  • Don’t get into personal care or going into people’s houses – be assured that other agencies are looking at this
  • Keep it to essentials so we are talking pence not pounds and don’t expect or ask people to pay for support, if they insist, suggest they pay you back later ‘in kind’ when they are well
  • Keep an eye out for fraudsters, and if confident to do so, politely (and safely) challenge any cold callers in your area
  • Follow the advice, and don’t pass on germs

We are working with our members to support them to carry on services to older and vulnerable people across Staffordshire…. more news on this to follow