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AHF Transforming Places Through Heritage Programme - Transformational Project Grants

Wed 11 Dec 2019

Grants are available for charities and social enterprises in England towards the capital costs of work to restore redundant or underused, community-owned historic buildings in town centres and bring them back into use.

The Architectural Heritage Fund (AHF) is an independent charity that promotes the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK by providing advice, information and financial assistance in the form of early project grants and loans for projects undertaken by charities and not-for-private profit organisations.

The £15 million Transforming Places Through Heritage programme is a new fund that has been launched by AHF, with funding from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). It aims to contribute to the reinvigoration of England’s high streets and town centres, helping them become thriving places, strengthening local communities and encouraging local economies to prosper. The fund is part of a wider initiative to revive heritage high streets in England, alongside Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zones. Together, these programmes form part of the Future High Streets Fund, which is administered by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Grants are available for non-profit organisations, such as charities and social enterprises, to support the development of projects that have the potential to bring new life to high streets by creating alternative uses for redundant or underused historic buildings in town centres. Funding can be used for individual heritage buildings in, or transferring to, community ownership or that of charitable/social enterprise organisations.

The programme offers the following funding strands:

Project Viability Grants: up to £15,000, for early viability and feasibility work (covered in a separate entry).

Project Development Grants: up to £100,000, for capital project development costs (covered in a separate entry).

Crowdfunding Challenge Grants: up to £25,000, to match fund crowdfunding campaigns (covered in a separate entry).

Transformational Project Grants: up to £350,000, for transformational capital projects.

Community Shares Booster Grants: development grants up to £10,000 and equity investments up to £50,000 for Community Benefit Societies and Cooperatives. This grant programme is being managed by Co-Operatives UK on behalf of AHF. (It will be covered in a separate entry).

For further information visit http://ahfund.org.uk/england