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AEDdonate - Staffordshire1000 campaign

Thu 4 Apr 2019

AEDdonate  are in the process of launching a new ambitious local campaign called Staffordshire1000 on 1/5/19 in Staffordshire, which coincides with Staffordshire Day.

The campaign is to boost the number of community access defibrillators in Staffordshire and increase community awareness of the locations and knowledge of what to do in a cardiac arrest emergency. Aspirationally we would like to get an additional 1000 defibs installed in the communities of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, and support from Support Staffordshire Members would be hugely beneficial in our goal.  

Please give us a call on 01785 472224 or mail j.russell@aeddonate.org.uk for more information.