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ACRE will undertake the 4th National Village Halls Survey during the Autumn of 2019

Mon 14 Oct 2019

Look out during the coming months for the link to this important national survey which will be shared with you through Newsletters, email and on social media. 

This survey is carried out once every ten years. Every kind of rural community building should take part, not just village halls; community centres, sports pavilions, church halls, churches providing community use, community centres, Miners Welfare Institutes, WI halls and even community pubs providing meeting rooms. The whole range of community assets that provide meeting facilities for rural communities.  We are pleased that Power to Change are supporting this piece of work and we aim to increase the response rate from 2009.

It is crucial for the ongoing support and development of village and community halls, and for our support services, that ACRE holds up to date information about halls and the social and economic impact they deliver for their communities.   It is needed to secure funding for halls, funding for our support services, and to ensure our service and information adapts to the challenges facing halls and communities.

Carrying out this survey every ten years also provides longitudinal data about changes in society which would otherwise be hard to capture, and ACRE has regularly used this evidence, both for village halls and in its wider work.

Evidence from the 2009 survey supported the case to Robert Jenrick MP, then Treasury Minister, for the £3 million Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund but the data urgently needs to be up updated.

For further information Email:  contact@acre.org.uk