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Accessing Money or Pensions from Post Offices

Wed 22 Apr 2020

Many of Post Office branches are dedicating the first hour of the day to vulnerable and elderly customers, and those who work for the NHS or care services. This includes all standalone branches and those in WH Smiths branches.

There is no disruption to Post Office Card Account (POCA) services (that State Pensions can be paid into).

For urgent queries, or if you are unable to leave your home, you can call 0345 722 3344 from 8.15am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 7.15pm on Saturdays.

What to do if you cannot reach a branch:

You should not give your card and PIN to somebody else, however you can nominate someone you trust to become a Permanent Agent on your account.

This person will be given their own card and PIN to collect cash on your behalf. To nominate a Permanent Agent, please complete the ‘Permanent Agent Access Form(P6163), available from most Post Office branches.

We are aiming to upgrade this service to be simpler and quicker. Please check back for more information.

Please note: You can ask someone to take the form to the Post Office on your behalf, as long as the form is complete and has been signed by you.