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‘Made of Money’ Resource & Training

Thu 25 Feb 2016

‘Made of Money’ is an award winning, practical and fun resource to help people on low incomes talk about money and its impact on their lives, and at the same time learn money management skills. They have been awarded a Charities Aid Foundation award and the Centre for Social Justice award for their innovative and creative approach to financial capability. 

They offer training for workers so they can use these resources with their clients. During an engaging 2 day training session you will learn how to help clients tackle their money situation, build confidence to deal with it, and what to do if there are debts or worries.

‘Made of Money’ also focuses on emotions around money, our experiences growing up, consumer culture, communication about money & the pressure of raising children on low income. The resources are ready made, fully reusable as well as really fun and engaging- so it hardly feels like you are doing money training.

They offer both open and in-house training, so if they don’t have a training in your locality, please get in touch with them. This is NOT training for you to become a money/debt advisor: it gives you tools and skills to start conversations about money, and enables your clients to be ready to seek debt or other specialist advice where needed.

Please see the booklet below for further information or visit their website

If you have any queries or would like to book onto one of their courses please contact Mostofa or Catherine Utley at mompartner@qsa.org.uk or on 02089 835047.