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Planning for the Future

Support Staffordshire can help with all aspects of planning for the future, from getting the basics right through to large scale plans for new projects and programmes of work.

At its heart, planning for the future is about seeing a vision of where your organisation wants to be, by setting and achieving goals to get there.  It is a process to think about what you need to do to taking into consideration the time, money, people, skills and other resources you will need to achieve the goal.

Applying strategic thinking can help with funding, marketing, recruitment of volunteers or business planning, for example.

Our planning for the future advice is pragmatic and appropriate to your circumstances. We don’t get bogged down in specific predefined documents and rigid methods; we work with you to use tools and templates that suit you and your organisation, where you are at, right now.

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Support Staffordshire can help with

  • Strategic planning and reviews, helping you to set your direction, values and main aims.

  • Horizon scanning tools and advice to identify future challenges and opportunities to take advantage of.

  • Diagnostic tools and support to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Skills audits to determine what skills and experience your organisation already has, and what it needs for the future.

  • Identifying appropriate assurance and quality tools to support planning and business improvement, including unaccredited self-help such as PQASO, and accredited tools such as Investors in People, Matrix and ISO.

  • Action plans for specific business improvement tasks.

  • Comprehensive business planning for your whole organisation, setting out your objectives and the resources you have available to meet them.

The above services are free to all Support Staffordshire Members, as we now offer up to 3 hours support free to all members. We strongly encourage members to use their free allocation for this sort of diagnostic and planning process. That way, any paid for support you choose to invest in, will be the right support and good value for money. You can find further information about Membership, including how to apply, by visiting our Membership page.



We strongly recommend that all our members contact us at the outset before embarking on specific aspects of strategic planning. We have found that lots of time and effort can be wasted on completing tools and templates that are not ideal for the organisation concerned. Our approach is always to spend time at the outset understanding the problems, issues, challenges or tasks you face, before we get stuck into the detail.

That’s why we focus the majority of our free support into diagnostics, business and action planning, so please take advantage of it.

That said, there are free online tools to support business review and planning exercises, including the new VCSE Strength Checker provided by the Big Lottery Fundhttp://vcsestrengthchecker.org.uk/


Direct Support

In addition to the advice and guidance offered above, Support Staffordshire offers a bespoke Business Planning Support Service on a chargeable basis. This service includes:

  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Sessions with Boards of Directors or Trustees and/or senior staff

  • Horizon scanning research specific to your sub-sector

  • Guided diagnostics and audits

  • Guided quality assurance support

  • Business Planning buddy service (we won’t write it for you, but we can support and shadow you)

  • Business Plan roll out – supporting cascading to staff and volunteer teams



For further information, or an informal chat and a bespoke quotation, about how we can help you on this subject or any other, please contact your locality office during their opening hours, or on 0300 777 1207 anytime Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm. You can also email us at consultancy@supportstaffordshire.org.uk .