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The term Voluntary Organisation is in many ways quite confusing and sometimes a bit misleading, as it usually means an organisation that involves volunteers in its work, but probably is large enough to have at least some paid employees; i.e. it’s a bit bigger and often more active or organised than a traditional community group.

But, it might also be that a group or organisation emerges with a much more dispersed or non-geographically determined membership – a group campaigning for better animal welfare for example; where the term ‘community group’ feels at odds with the inclusive nature of the group.

To this extent voluntary organisations can actually be very small or very big, some may be registered as charities, or may be in the process of doing so. Some may be companies, but still identify themselves as voluntary organisations.

Support Staffordshire tends to use the more inclusive, but longer, term: Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Organisations (VCSE) to be as inclusive as we can… but in truth, terminology in the sector remains a minefield.

In simple terms, all of our services and our membership is most definitely for you if you are from a voluntary organisation in Staffordshire!