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Building Health Partnerships Fund

The Building Health Partnership Fund Community Grants Scheme will help to fund community activities or services to support the frail and elderly people with long term conditions, taking a holistic approach to the needs of the individual and embedding social value.

This scheme covers projects within the geographical areas of Lichfield District Council, South Staffordshire District Council and Tamworth Borough Council. 

Chief Executive's Comment - July/August 2016

Leadership in uncertain times…

It’s been quite a summer so far, with Brexit precipitating a tumultuous time in national politics and leaders falling left, right and centre. Thankfully local politics and society in general has pretty much got on with it and the day to day of local services for our communities does not change much… at least not yet. But what I have been struck by is the focus on what good leadership looks like.

Healthwatch Staffordshire Would Like to Hear Your Views!

A request from Healthwatch Staffordshire:-

Have you accessed any health or social care services during June, July & August 2016, such as attending a Hospital or GP Appointment, or visiting your local dentist or pharmacy? If so Healthwatch Staffordshire would really appreciate it if you could share any new experiences on our Experience Exchange feedback platform.

European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF) Sub-Committee – Call for VCSE Alternate Representative

A VCSE rep is being sought as the alternate rep for this Sub-Committee of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Sub-Committee considers applications for European funding, primarily commenting on how these fit with the local strategic context, as well as receiving updates from the Government departments which are managing authorities for the different strands of European funding.

Please see the attached documents for more information and a nomination form.

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership Strategic Board – Call for VCSE Representative

A VCSE rep is being sought for the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership. This was set up to enable a collaborative approach to be taken across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to reduce the number of incidents on the roads where people are killed or seriously injured. Please see the attached document for more information and a nomination form.

Nominations should be sent to Jill Norman by email to jill.norman@supportstaffordshire.org.uk by the end of Wednesday 31 August 2016.