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Volunteer Management Workshop (Venue: Lichfield)

The workshop covers the following topics:-

  • An opportunity to network with Volunteer Managers/Co-ordinators to share good practice
  • Find out how to develop good volunteering opportunities for your organisation to enable you to deliver and enhance your service
  • What is a volunteer role description and how to write effective role descriptions?
  • Information about ‘Investing in Volunteers Accreditation’
  • Planning future support and the development of a support group/network for Volunteer Managers/Co-ordinators in Lichfield

Working with Women and High-Risk Offenders

The session aims to give a brief factual overview of prison; and how it works providing a basic understanding of the issues facing people as they enter the community from prison. The workshop provides a model of safe practices for volunteers to protect them, their clients and the projects of work within, alongside a basic overview of the issues related to working with released prisoners, specifically covering:

  • Prisons and the experience of those leaving custody

  • Probabtion and supervision

The Rowan Organisation Information & Peer Support Event (Venue: Tamworth)

The Rowan Organisation are hosting an Information and Peer Support event in Tamworth on March 24th between 1pm and 3pm. They are extending invitations to all relevant organisations and public figures. 

Their aim is to bring people together to develop a greater support network throughout the county and its boroughs. There will be a small presentation and workshop focussing on peer support and information sharing.

The event will be filmed and uploaded online.

Please see the flyer below for further information. 

Chief Executive's Comment on Local Health & Care Structures in the County - March 2016

Another brief update from me on the direction of local Health and Care structures in the county. It’s been a worrying few weeks with high profile resignations from both Chief Executives at Burton Hospitals Trust and University Hospital North Midlands (Stoke & Stafford that is), plus some less public but equally critical staff moving on from other roles. This led me to pose a question at the recent ‘Local Voices’ event held by the CCGs in the south of the county – ‘Is the future of the local NHS still in local hands?’.

Support Staffordshire Survey Launched - Tell Us About Your Needs & Challenges

Support Staffordshire are inviting social enterprise, voluntary and community groups based in Staffordshire to complete our online survey. We would like to understand better your needs and the challenges you face so that we can offer services that will be of benefit to you.

The information you provide will be anonymous in any reports we produce and the findings will be used to shape and improve our services.

Staffordshire North & Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice Bureaux Training Needs Survey

Announcement from Staffordshire North & Stoke-on-Trent Citizens Advice Bureaux:-

Our trainers, Sarah and Tina, are currently planning the next Advice House training brochure but we are awaiting decisions about continuation funding so are unable to offer more than 12 sessions in the period April – July 2016 at the moment.

Summary Report of District Pilots to Develop Children's Services

Staffordshire County Council have issued a summary report of district pilots to develop children's services.

If you would like more information, or have ideas for supporting further development, please contact Sandra Payne at Sandra.Payne@supportstaffordshire.org.uk or on 01543 303030.

Alternatively you can contact your local District Commissioner to ensure we are connecting current provision.