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Policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures form the basis for the work of an organisation and provide the guiding principles that they will follow. They should be working documents that are reviewed on a regular basis. 

It is important that they are clear and well written so that they can support effective decision making, however the terms Policies and Procedures are often used interchangeably without an understanding of the difference between them. They can be defined as follows:-

Policy – a set of rules that an organisation follows

Governance and trustees

Governance is a vital component in the development of an organisation; whether small, medium or large. Understanding & implementing good governance for an organisation will allow it to:

  • have a consistent & clear direction
  • improve effectiveness
  • provide leadership
  • demonstrate clear accountability

Improving standards of governance has become a top priority for most organisations across the UK. 

Social Enterprise

The term Social Enterprise or even Social Business is a fashionable one, but a little confusing, as it refers to a wide range of legal forms that organisations can take. Organisations describing themselves as Social Enterprises can be community groups, charities, companies of various forms, co-operatives, mutuals, or straight for-profit businesses and sole traders. When it comes to social enterprise, it pays to be clear what you do and don’t mean!

For Support Staffordshire, the main factors that show you are a genuine social enterprise are: