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Support Staffordshire & Werrington Library - Invitation to Discuss Volunteering Opportunities in North Staffordshire (Tuesday mornings)

Support Staffordshire and Werrington Library have joined forces to promote volunteering opportunities available throughout North Staffordshire. Every Tuesday morning between 10am and 12pm there will be a volunteering officer available at the library.

European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF) Sub-Committee – Call for VCSE Alternate Representative

A VCSE rep is being sought as the alternate rep for this Sub-Committee of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The Sub-Committee considers applications for European funding, primarily commenting on how these fit with the local strategic context, as well as receiving updates from the Government departments which are managing authorities for the different strands of European funding.

Please see the attached documents for more information and a nomination form.

Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership Strategic Board – Call for VCSE Representative

A VCSE rep is being sought for the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership. This was set up to enable a collaborative approach to be taken across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent to reduce the number of incidents on the roads where people are killed or seriously injured. Please see the attached document for more information and a nomination form.

Nominations should be sent to Jill Norman by email to jill.norman@supportstaffordshire.org.uk by the end of Wednesday 31 August 2016.

Ethos & Values

1. Positive Community, Family and Person Centred 

We take an assets (skills, experience, knowledge, connections, capacity & potential) approach in supporting communities, families and individuals 

This is focused on what people can do, not what they cannot. We support this by addressing people’s needs and vulnerabilities. 

We believe organisations should facilitate and support in ways that are backed by appropriate evidence. We never impose external solutions; these rarely work and never last. 

14-25 Year Olds Sought to Join Staffordshire Youth Commission 2016

Young people are currently being sought to join the Staffordshire Youth Commission on Police and Crime – an exciting pilot project being developed in conjunction with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis.

The Staffordshire Youth Commission will be piloted over the coming year in order to allow young people across the communities of Staffordshire to inform decisions about policing and crime prevention in the region. 

Social Engagement Platform Workshop

The Change Consortium is pleased to announce a new event!
A Social Engagement Platform is a state of the art, social network that is fully branded and hosted as your organisation and can help almost any type of organisation, community or club to connect, consolidate and communicate with their members, whilst helping to increase attrition and interactive activity and directly benefiting your organisation financially, all without any capital outlay costs.

Greggs Foundation - Environmental Grants Programme now open

Improving People's lives by improving their environment

Who do we support?

Any not for profit organisation can apply, preference will be given to small, locally based and community led organisations with a turnover not in excess of £300,000 per annum. Schools are also encouraged to apply and are given the same level of priority as small locally based organisations. 

What type of project can we support?

Lloyds Bank Foundation Opens £1m Fund for Charities Tackling Abuse

The Lloyds Bank Foundation has launched a £1m grants programme called 'Transform' for charities tackling domestic and sexual abuse.

The programme, will offer grants of up to £100,000 over two years to 10 charities with the intention of strengthening policy, practice and infrastructure in the domestic and sexual abuse sector.

To be eligible, charities must have an income of between £25,000 and £2m a year and partnership bids are being encouraged.

Olive Branch Training - Let's Help the Vulnerable People in Our Community

The Olive Branch Programme was initially launched in mid 2007 following the tragic fire death of Olive Simcock. One of the lessons learnt following her death was for key agencies to engage in closer partnership working to better communicate and refer vulnerable persons to the appropriate agency or organisation.

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue are committed to reducing the number of accidental dwelling fires which result in injury or death for the most vulnerable members of our communities through partnership working.

Olive Branch Training is completely FREE of charge.