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To volunteer or not to volunteer?

It’s a staple statistic in the VCSE sector that 20% of the people do 80% of the volunteering and whilst I have not recently checked the statistical validity of this claim, it rings true for most. A relatively small band of folk who have the time and inclination undertake a lot of voluntary work, often for multiple organisations at once and for many more over time, moving on from one voluntary role to another. The biggest band of volunteers would seem to be those who work part time or not at all and those who are retired but still physically active.

Community transport may face extra licence requirements

A letter from the Department for Transport suggests providers may require a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operator licence. This may affect some community transport providers bidding for local authority bus service contracts. The letter was sent to the Community Transport Association, whose chief executive Bill Freeman described it was "not the news that any of us wanted".

The new Charity Governance Code – Essential reading for all trustees

Are you a Trustee, or are you considering becoming a Trustee? Read on.

It’s vital that charities get their heads around governance and the legal responsibilities of its Trustees. Following good governance practices, not just paying lip service but really understanding and applying them could have averted many of the bad headlines of the last two years. It’s more than ticking the boxes. It’s about attitudes and culture, whether a charity puts its values into practice. It’s about how trustees make decisions and how well they understand what’s going on. 

Lets Talk Good Finance

Social investment is often seen as a London-centric activity. It can be harder for charities and social enterprises outside of the capital to access social investors and gain a better understanding of the financial products available. 

LET'S TALK GOOD FINANCE is a hub of regional social investment networks created to provide charities and social enterprises with a local safe space to know more about social investment and better navigate the market. 

It offers charities and social enterprises the following opportunities:

Volunteer for NYAS

Do you want to make a difference to a young person’s life?

Do you have 1- 4 hours per month to spare?

Why not volunteer as a mentor/befriender for NYAS as an Independent Visitor for children and young people in care.

As a volunteer you will:

Stafford Borough Council Community Awards Scheme

Community Awards 2017

This award scheme is being run by Stafford Borough Council for 2017 and is open to any public, private and voluntary sector organisations and individuals able to demonstrate that they have improved community wellbeing and promoted environmental and sustainable development practice within the last 12 months.

To enter organisations and individuals should be based within Stafford Borough and all projects should take place within the Borough.