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Greggs Foundation - Environmental Grants Programme now open

Improving People's lives by improving their environment

Who do we support?

Any not for profit organisation can apply, preference will be given to small, locally based and community led organisations with a turnover not in excess of £300,000 per annum. Schools are also encouraged to apply and are given the same level of priority as small locally based organisations. 

What type of project can we support?

Lloyds Bank Foundation Opens £1m Fund for Charities Tackling Abuse

The Lloyds Bank Foundation has launched a £1m grants programme called 'Transform' for charities tackling domestic and sexual abuse.

The programme, will offer grants of up to £100,000 over two years to 10 charities with the intention of strengthening policy, practice and infrastructure in the domestic and sexual abuse sector.

To be eligible, charities must have an income of between £25,000 and £2m a year and partnership bids are being encouraged.

Olive Branch Training - Let's Help the Vulnerable People in Our Community

The Olive Branch Programme was initially launched in mid 2007 following the tragic fire death of Olive Simcock. One of the lessons learnt following her death was for key agencies to engage in closer partnership working to better communicate and refer vulnerable persons to the appropriate agency or organisation.

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue are committed to reducing the number of accidental dwelling fires which result in injury or death for the most vulnerable members of our communities through partnership working.

Olive Branch Training is completely FREE of charge.

National Citizen Service - Available Places for Summer Holidays

There are still places available for this summer holidays for young people aged 15-17. If you know anyone who might be interested, please do encourage them to apply. NCS is a great way for young people to learn new skills and make friendships. For information, see www.ncsyes.co.uk (Facebook NCS West Midlands; Twitter @NCSWM1).

More than 1,200 young people in Staffordshire have participated in NCS over the past two years.

Himalayan Balsam Bashing!

“Big Pull Fortnight” started in unusually warm sunshine on Saturday 25 June in Cheadle. Members of the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership (CVLLP) joined the Friends of Cecilly Brook and Hales Hall to help tackle the Himalayan Balsam from along the nature reserve. Both old and young helped to remove the weed from the site which is one of the most important sites for water voles in Staffordshire. 

Become the First Street Child Fundraising Committee Chair in Your Area!

Are you a team leader able to play a vital role in helping to run a fundraising committee and interested in making a difference within your local community? With support from Street Child HQ, your regional fundraiser and your local team members, you can help raise vital funds needed for vulnerable children in West Africa and Nepal.

Who are we?

Foodfest 16 - Let's Celebrate Food in Newcastle-under-Lyme!

Are you involved in a community group that supports people in food poverty? Helps with waste reduction; recycling or sustainability? And do you want a way of letting the people of North Staffordshire know about the fantastic work you are doing?

We are inviting local charities and community groups to join us on Saturday 17 September at our community food celebration and food festival in Newcastle-under-Lyme to tell everyone about their work and show off some of their skills.

Local Organisation Wins Weston Charity Award

Staffordshire Women’s Aid was announced as a winner of the Weston Charity Awards at the ceremony on Thursday 9 June. Along with an unrestricted grant of £6,200, the charity will receive 10-12 months coaching from senior business leaders via national organisation Pilotlight, who have been bringing top business talent together with small charities for over ten years to help charities become bigger, better or more sustainable.

New PM Needs the Voluntary Sector

Theresa May assumed office on 13 July and with that she promissed a "better Britain". Easier said than done as our new Prime Minister will have to combat 6 years of austerity and the uncertainty of the Brexit referendum that slowly starts to unravel.

Neil Cleeveley the CEO of Navca came out with a six-point plan to help Theresa May build a "better Britain". 

You can read more about Neil's plan on the Third Sector website.