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Rainforests and Zoos

We often hear about the fragility of natural habitats or ecosystems, such as rainforests, which gives us the impression that by comparison to our man made world, these wild places are some how sub-standard, teetering on a precipice, where at any moment they could collapse. Sometimes the motivation for such descriptions comes from those who probably should know better, those who are actually trying to shock us into action to support these places, or at least to give money to their organisation in the name of ‘saving the rainforest’.

Support Staffordshire wins Award for being the beating heart of the local community

Support Staffordshire, which supports a membership of more than 1000 voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations across Staffordshire won the 2020 NAVCA Heart of the Community Award for being the beating heart of the local VCS and wider economy.

NAVCA is the national membership body for local third sector support and development organisations in England and alongside their members, they are part of the movement for local social action.

Emergency FIRST AID at Work (EFAAW)

This one day course provides organisations and individuals first aid to an appointed person level and aimed at those personnel that are working in low level risk such as offices, voluntary organisations, shops and schools; or those that are volunteering or seeking employment. This is a Health and Safety Approved Centre workshop where the assessment is in the form of continuous assessment and oral questioning.

This course will cover:

'Communities Can Conference' - The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund has awarded over £650m raised by players of the National Lottery, supporting over 13,000 projects all over the country. We fund thousands of local groups, many of them small, grassroots organisations. 80% of our grants are for under £10,000 and 60% of organisations receiving our funding have turnovers less than £100,000.

Support Staffordshire AGM

The AGM will be held in conjunction with our annual talk from Caron Bradshaw CEO, Charity Finance Group following the formal (and brief) business of the AGM and an update on Support Staffordshire.

Please book one voting member ticket per Member organisation only. Additional non-voting Member tickets are unlimited. 

You can find a copy of our Annual Report here