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Equalities & Diversity

Support Staffordshire works withPhoto of a group of young people lots of groups across the county that have a core belief in issues of equality.

They include groups run by and on behalf of particular communities, from specific countries or ethnic groups. Some groups focus upon tackling a particular area of need such as food banks, carer’s organisations or those tackling homelessness. Others tackle a demographic group that has a particular characteristic, which may include a legally protected characteristic such as women’s groups, older people’s groups and groups promoting equality in race, disability, sexual orientation and religion.

As well as supporting these organisations in their day to day running, we support them with raising the issues of inequality with local, regional and national decision makers and politicians. Occasionally we will act as an advocate, speaking on their behalf.

Here are some of our members to give you an idea of the sorts of groups we support

How we work with groups

Many equalities groups seek to help individuals andPhoto of a group of people in a lounge families affected by issues of discrimination and unfair practice. As such they often deliver advice services to the public which means they need proper policies and procedures to be in place.

Members working in this area sometimes receive funding from public bodies, but often need to fundraise too.

Equalities groups will often need to raise difficult issues with public organisations that are much larger and more powerful than they are. We can help them to communicate clearly and to identify and make contact with the right department or public official to take their case forwards.

You may find our section on Advocacy and Campaigning useful, whilst you can locate your nearest forum on our Locality Forum page.

Unfortunately there are now no dedicated agencies for promoting equalities locally in Staffordshire, since the demise of both North Staffs and East Staffs Race Equality Councils. This has left the burden on public agencies which are often under resourced to meet demand. We would love to hear from organisations interested in working with us on the future development of a network or forum dedicated to Equalities and Fairness.

Main partners and organisations

There are a number of national equalities organisations to be aware of:

Partnership Boards

There are no dedicated Partnership Boards that we are aware of in the field of equality. Please let us know if you are involved in one that we could spread the word about.

There are useful links to Equalities Information on the Staffordshire County Council website.


Social Media

Follow our Twitter List on Equalities & Diversity for the latest news.



For further information, or an informal chat, about how we can help you on this subject or any other, please contact your locality office during their opening hours, or on 0300 777 1207 anytime Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm. You can also email us at info@supportstaffordshire.org.uk