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Older People & Long Term Conditions

Support Staffordshire supportsA PCSO chats to a couple of ladies a large number of member organisations who primarily work with older people. These include the larger bodies such as Age UK and the Hospices plus smaller ‘overs’ clubs, social groups, supported housing organisations, transport groups, and church groups which commonly support older members of their communities.

Older people’s groups are usually very practical and get things done from home care to luncheon sessions, transport to advice and advocacy. We work with them in all aspects of running their organisations and in improving the services across Staffordshire for older people.

Here are some of our members to give you an idea of the sorts of groups we support

For a full list of our members search our VCSE Directory.

How we work with groupsPhoto showing community support for the elderly

Working with any potentially vulnerable group means policies such as Safeguarding and Health and Safety need to be up to date, clear and understood by your staff and volunteers. We can assist you with a review or starting from scratch in a wide range of procedures and legally required policies

Many older people’s organisations will employ staff including care assistants and nurses. With a large and dedicated staff team, HR sometimes comes second. We can help you organise and prioritise looking after your staff team, as much as looking after your service users. (Please see our Personnel & HR Support page.)

When it comes to older people, funding buildings, vehicles, equipment and staff time can be a challenge. We’ll help you come up with a funding strategy and implement it, with the right mix of grant applications, income from direct payments and community fundraising locally. 

Main partners and organisations

Key organisations locally include:

VCSE organisations should also familiarise themselves with the Staffordshire Cares website.

Partnership Boards

There are no dedicated Partnership Boards specifically for older people. However the main, and in some cases local, Health and Wellbeing Boards will obviously be concerned with older people’s issues. These Boards are attended by partners from social care, health and other public agencies. See our VCSE Locality Forums page for full details of links to local boards.

Although there is no formal place for the VCSE sector at the Staffordshire Health and Wellbeing Board, our Chief Executive Garry Jones attends on a regular basis and is able to ask questions on behalf of the sector as part of the public session. You can contact Garry to discuss important issues directly by email or call 0300 777 1207.

You may also wish to be aware of the County Council Healthy Staffordshire Select Committee.


Social Media

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For further information, or an informal chat, about how we can help you on this subject or any other, please contact your locality office during their opening hours, or on 0300 777 1207 anytime Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm. You can also email us at info@supportstaffordshire.org.uk