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Community Groups

In many cases, the natural starting point for a VCSE group is as a simple ‘unincorporated’ community group, as this is the least bureaucratic way of getting a group together. This means they are not a company and so the group itself does not legally exist as an independent entity in the eyes of the law – anything the group does is deemed to have been done by its individual members or committee.

All Support Staffordshire Community Group members and indeed anyone we support and advise, are however, expected to agree and adopt an appropriate constitution, which outlines how the group will work, to have at least three independent people running the group (a committee) and to open a bank account in the name of the group – so that any money held on behalf of the group is clearly separate from its members.

Community groups are probably the most numerous kind of VCSE organisation in the country as almost all VCSE’s start out this way.

For more information on starting or supporting your Community Group contact your locality office.