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Understanding Bereavement Workshop - Taster Session

Did you know the average cost of replacing an employee could be between £20k and £40k?  The majority of people (56%) said they would consider leaving their job if their employer did not provide proper support if someone close to them died.

This session is delivered in partnership with St Giles Hospice and aims to help you think about your roles and responses when there is a death in the work community, or when a colleague experiences a death in their family or friendship circle.

We will:

  • Describe how loss and grief through bereavement can affect people in the workplace
  • Increase your confidence to offer proactive and flexible support to help a colleague/employee to cope with their grief
  • Help line managers and other employees identify when a vulnerable or traumatised person may need access to specialist support
  • Provide a range of hints and tips to help you support employees who are bereaved

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This workshop is free to attend but as we are a charitable project, we would kindly ask you to consider making a donation.


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Uttoxeter Cares, 2 Hermitage Gardens, Uttoxeter, ST14 7DT

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