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Staffordshire Village Halls Network Meeting: Energy Saving in Your Building

The first Staffordshire Village Halls Network meeting, organised by Support Staffordshire, will be held during Village Halls Week and Big Energy Saving Week. A chance to learn about saving energy costs in your village hall, meet the new Staffordshire Rural Officers and network with other village halls.

Stowe-by-Chartley Village Hall is being used as it received a significant grant to improve the insulation of the building (roof and walls) and upgrade the heating system; its also conveniently central to the county for our first meeting.


The dream team!

Introducing Support Staffordshire’s new Rural Officers

Michelle Cliff, Claire Ferris & Sue Green

Chop & Change? 

Are you on the right contract and tariff?

 Martin Peak, Beat the Cold

Turn up the heat from the beach!

Village hall heating systems remotely controlled and linked to booking diary

Peter Turner, Brown Edge Village Hall

Too hot /too cold?

Air source heat pumps – one way forward

David Bridge, Camdon (Energy efficient heating solutions)


There will also be

  • market stalls with relevant products and information,
  • a chance to network
  • opportunity to host future meetings – what are you good at that you’d like to share?
  • opportunity to suggest a meeting theme


ACRE Village halls Week 2019 #villagehallsweek http://www.acre.org.uk/

Big Energy Saving Week 2018 https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/our-campaigns/all-our-current-campaigns/besw/

Beat the Cold http://www.beatcold.org.uk/ (Sponsors)

Brown Edge Village Hall http://www.brownedge.com/village-hall/

Camdon http://www.camdon.co.uk/

Stowe-by-Chartley Village Hall https://www.stowebychartley.co.uk/


Event map

Stowe-by-Chartley Village Hall Station Road, Stowe-by-Chartley, Stafford ST18 0LG