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Seminar: Public Service Markets Don’t Work and They Can’t: Insights from the Voluntary Sector

TSRC and the Family Potential Research Centre at the University of Birmingham would like to invite you to a seminar entitled 'Public service markets don’t work and they can’t: insights from the voluntary sector' delivered by Kathy Evans of Children England.

Since the emergence of the internal market in the NHS in the late 20th Century, open market competition between private, public and charitable organisations has increasingly become the dominant means by which services to the public are organised, managed and contracted.  Kathy Evans will explore the argument that, far from improving the sustainability and effectiveness of services, market competition inherently places public services at risk of market collapse and new monopolies. In the provision of social goods and support to children, families and communities, market forces and commercial business disciplines do not, and never will, deliver the same benefits as they do in open commercial markets for private goods.

Kathy Evans became CEO of Children England in April 2013, having been its Deputy CEO since May 2010. Founded in 1942 by a group of the major children’s charities, Children England is the membership body for children’s charities, voluntary and community sector organisations in England. In May 2014 it successfully campaigned to ban profit-making companies from running child protection services, and continues to lead collaborative voluntary sector campaigns for change, including the Declaration of Interdependence, Open to All and Grants for Good. Kathy is also a regular columnist for Children and Young People Now, and for Civil Society.

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Room 417, Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT