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Minute Taking

Who should attend:

This course is aimed at anyone who takes minutes in committee or board meetings and administrators who need to record meetings.


Taking minutes is a skill that involves ensuring that accurate discussions and decisions are recorded faithfully yet without being so convoluted that they never get read. They involve excellent listening skills as well as the ability to ascertain what needs to be recorded and what doesn't. The course will also cover the roles of different committee members in a meeting, agendas, transcribing notes, producing action points and templates for the presentation of minutes.


At the end of this course participants will:

  • Understand the role of a minute taker
  • Know what minutes should include and what should be left out
  • Know how to listen effectively
  • Be able to use note taking skills and techniques
  • Understand how to best transcribe notes, producing action points as necessary
  • Be familiar with different templates for presenting minutes

Event map

Haling Dene Centre, Cannock Road, Penkridge ST19 5DT