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Doing Our Bit in Staffordshire

Invitation from Cllr Phillip Atkins OBE Leader of Staffordshire County Council

I’m sure we can all agree on reasons why living in Staffordshire is great.  Most people are in a job, our economy is growing and people tell us that they are happy and feel safe.  I know that together with the people of Staffordshire and partners right across public, private, voluntary and community sectors, we’re all committed to continue working together in making Staffordshire an even better place to live, work and visit.

At the same with even less money coming from the centre to Staffordshire and local councils, we still need to fund essential and growing demand for services such as adult and children social care, this means we can’t do everything we once did or would like to do. We believe that working differently with the people of Staffordshire is key to making Staffordshire an even better place.

Community is one of our biggest strengths and we know that many people across Staffordshire already do huge amounts, making a difference in local communities. Whether it’s doing a little bit extra in their neighbourhood, volunteering in a library or a country park or supporting people that are most in need. By all ‘doing our bit’ we can make a big difference.

Across the country, local people councils and partners are experimenting with new ways of delivering services and transforming their places. At the heart of this is the creation of a totally different relationship with the community: one that rejects the hierarchy of past models, instead embracing collaboration and empowerment. The New Local Government Network (NLGN) are national leaders and thinkers researching and exploring how this can save money, reduce demand and improve outcomes.

NLGN’s ‘The Community Paradigm’ is a hugely thought provoking case for change and I’m pleased to confirm that Adam Lent (NLGN Director) will be attending the Staffordshire Hundred event to explore this further and help stimulate our conversation on how this is set up to transform the whole public sector.

As well as this, we’ll hear more about some of the great work and ‘doing our bit’ in Staffordshire. There’ll also be an opportunity for a panel discussion to help consider together what the further opportunities to work together are on this shared and crucial agenda.

If you have any queries please contact Keith Luscombe at: Keith.Luscombe@staffordshire.gov.uk

Event map

Rising Brook Community Church, Burton Square, Stafford ST17 9LT