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Severn Trent Community Fund Coronavirus support

Charities and non-profit organisations can apply to be considered for a support grant of between £2,000 and £10,000 (depending on the size of the organisation) to help them and our communities get through this very challenging time and bounce back stronger than before.

We expect demand for our support to be high and so, whilst we’d love to, unfortunately we simply can’t fund every application we receive. 

Who can apply

To be eligible for this support your organistion must:

Strategic Legal Fund

Application Deadline: 04 May 2021

Grants are available to not-for-profit frontline organisations and community groups to support strategic legal work in the UK which benefits asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants who are experiencing disadvantage or discrimination as a result of their migration status.


The maximum grant for any one application is £30,000, however, groups are encouraged to apply for lesser amounts.

The average grant size is around £12,000.

Allen Lane Foundation

Application Deadline: 12 April 2021

Grants are available to small registered charities, voluntary groups and charitable organisations in the UK for work that makes a difference to people's lives as opposed to simply alleviating the symptoms or current problems and should aim to reduce isolation, stigma and discrimination.

The Foundation typically makes around 150 grants in a year with a total value of between £750,000 and £800,000.

The Foundation makes single grants, or grants split over two or three years.

Staffordshire Apprenticeship 500 Business Grant Scheme

In conjunction with Staffordshire’s district & borough councils, Staffordshire County Council has launched a fund to help support Small to Medium businesses (SMEs), that are located within Staffordshire.

Staffordshire County Council has pooled extra investment with the funding district and borough councils have received from government, called the ‘Additional Restrictions Grant, to reach more businesses who need it.

Football Foundation - Small Grants

Applications may be made at any time, preferably not more than once per football season.

Grants are available for purchasing equipment and items to enable grassroots football organisations in England to restart activities after the period of COVID-19 restrictions.

Grants of up to £25,000 can be awarded.

The grant size available depends on the type of investment that the club is applying for. Details on the grant sizes are available in the guidance notes that can be accessed at the website of the Football Foundation.

PFCC People Power Fund

Deadline: 14th April 2021

The aim of the PFCC People Power Fund is to increase community cohesion and public safety through local projects that are looking to support groups assisting victims of crime and early crime intervention related projects. With the support of the local Community Safety Partnership (CSP), community based organisations, either solely or in collaboration with others, can make an application for between £100 and £2000.

Biffa Award - Partnership Grants Scheme

Application Deadline: 01 June 2021

Large grants are available for not-for-profit organisations that are looking to improve a built or natural environment of regional or national significance and located within 15 miles of a significant Biffa Group Limited operation or active Biffa Landfill site in England or Northern Ireland.

Grants of between £250,000 and £750,000 are available for work that starts in February 2022 and finish within one year.

Postcode Local Trust - West of England

Application Deadline: 1 October 2021

Grants are available for smaller charities and good causes in the west of England.

Grants range from £500 to £20,000.

The following funding levels apply to specific applicants:

Applicants that are not formally registered as a charity with the Charity Commission can apply for between £500 and £2,000 in funding.

Applicants that are registered with the Charity Commission and can provide a charity number can apply for between £500 and £20,000 in funding.