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Organisation and Charity Registration

We are specialists in charity governance and will work with you to a successful conclusion.

Cut through the jargon and add some expertise to your charity registration. Through this service, we will work closely with you to turn your ideal charity into a reality, ensuring that your charity is set-up correctly, enabling you to support your community most effectively.

CIO Registrations

Do you want to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)?  Help and guidance is at hand to help you navigate the process, answer the Charity Commission’s questions well and give you the best chance of being successful with your first application.  Our set fee service includes the following:-

  • Meeting trustees and facilitating discussions to help you work out how you fit within the Charity Commission framework
  • Drafting of your constitution in line with the particular provisions laid down
  • Detailed application and submittal to the Charity Commission
  • Follow up support with any further questions or queries


Want to find out more about what we can offer?  Get in touch with our team for a friendly chat about your needs.

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