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Organisational Development Support

We offer a range of organisational development support services.  The list below is not exhaustive but provides a flavour of the support we can offer.  Select each of the links below for more information.

Organisation and Charity Registration

Legal Structure Review

Meeting Facilitation

Board Development

Action Planning Sessions



Diagnostic Sessions​

Provision of Registered Office Address​

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Organisation and Charity Registration

Cut through the jargon and add some expertise to your charity registration. Through this service, we will work closely with you to turn your charity idea into a reality, ensuring that your charity is set-up correctly, enabling you to support your community most effectively.

Legal Structure Review

Have you ever considered changing your organisation’s legal structure?  With our legal structure review we will help you discover:        

1.    If you need to!        

2.    Whether your organisation should be incorporated.        

3.    Which legal structure is the best option for you.        

4.    Your next steps…

This review is essential if your organisation needs clarity on issues regarding personal liability, contracting, trading and all the different legal structures available.

Meeting Facilitation

Do you need some support in running your away day or conference?  Are you considering a strategic review?  Do you need some help with conflict resolution? Our experienced facilitators can work with you to design a service to enable these important meetings to achieve their outcomes.  An external facilitator enables all the attendees to actively participate in the session bringing with them a whole range of tools and techniques to ensure everyone is fully engaged.  We can keep the day on track through effective moderation and ensuring the right questions are asked and debated widely as well as handling conflict objectively.

Board Development

Our experienced staff are able to work with your team to create a board that has the right skills to drive your organisation forward, supporting you to be as effective as possible, using a wide range of tools and diagnostics to enable you to develop and grow.    

Action Planning Sessions

Are you facing a new challenge and not sure where to start? Whatever challenge you’re facing, we’ll face it with you.  Through our action planning sessions, we can help you to work through complex issues by breaking them down into small, specific and manageable actions. We will work with you to ensure you get support for this challenge moving forward, by assigning those actions to people within and potentially outside of your organisation. You will leave this session with a plan and everything your organisation needs to succeed. These sessions can focus on anything you need them to. Examples of previous action planning sessions have included a safeguarding review, a best practice policy review, changing a legal structure and setting up a trading arm.


An independent evaluation of a project or service is sometimes necessary to provide evidence for funders or understand your impact.  Using a range of tools and techniques, we can make some practical recommendations as well as demonstrate your impact.  We can also support you in smaller ways, reviewing and advising on your current monitoring and evaluation methods.


You may be considering a new project or service, or require some evidence to back up the need for a funding application.  Our team can support you to develop and deliver public consultations to enable you to get the information you require using a range of methods.

Diagnostic Sessions

Your time is precious.  Our diagnostic sessions are designed to help you prioritise the essential improvements that your organisation would most benefit from.   Once you’ve completed one of our diagnostic sessions, the issues facing your organisation will be much clearer, enabling you to focus on what’s important.  We will provide you with the tools you need to succeed and a report detailing our findings, including a list of written recommendations.  

The three most popular diagnostic sessions we currently provide are:      

•    Overall organisation diagnostic      

•    Income sustainability diagnostic      

•    Governance effectiveness diagnostic

Working through our diagnostic will allow you to fully appreciate what is going well and will help focus your organisation's energy on the things that need your attention the most.

Provision of Registered Office Address

Support Staffordshire can offer a registered office address for members who do not have an office base and need a postal address. This can also be handy if you work from home but would rather not publish your personal address publicly.