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Organisational Development Support

For some projects, challenges, opportunities or issues, there is nothing like having a personal support programme to advise, guide and sometimes cajole you through to successful completion.

We offer a wide range of organisational development support services, with decades of experience working with organisations, communities & local authorities. 

The list provided is not exhaustive but provides a flavour of the support we can offer.  

Board Development

Our experienced staff are able to work with your team to create a board that has the right skills to drive your organisation forward, supporting you to be as effective as possible, using a wide range of tools and diagnostics to enable you to develop and grow.    


An independent evaluation of a project or service is sometimes necessary to provide evidence for funders or understand your impact.  Using a range of tools and techniques, we can make some practical recommendations as well as demonstrate your impact.  We can also support you in smaller ways, reviewing and advising on your current monitoring and evaluation methods.


You may be considering a new project or service, or require some evidence to back up the need for a funding application.  Our team can support you to develop and deliver public consultations to enable you to get the information you require using a range of methods.

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