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Ethos & Values

1. Positive Community, Family and Person Centred 

We take an assets (skills, experience, knowledge, connections, capacity & potential) approach in supporting communities, families and individuals 

This is focused on what people can do, not what they cannot. We support this by addressing people’s needs and vulnerabilities. 

We believe organisations should facilitate and support in ways that are backed by appropriate evidence. We never impose external solutions; these rarely work and never last. 

2. Local Focus and Empowerment 

We seek understanding, develop solutions and make decisions with and as close to those affected as possible. 

The greater the distance between power and impact; the greater the risk of long-term failure. 

We don’t seek to do what people can better do for themselves. 

3. Sharing, Learning, Resilience 

We recognise the important role of innovation and learning from experience as we go, rather than only being concerned with the end outcome. 

Sharing information and understanding should be automatic where it benefits people and communities. 

Resilience can mean learning to do things differently as well recovering from set-backs. 

4. Fairness and Equality 

Everyone has something to give and should be given a fair chance to reach their potential. 

The most excluded should be supported to fulfil their talent and ambition. 

5. Building Relationships of Trust 

People succeed when they work together for a common good. 

Trusting one another to act with integrity and commitment demands compassion, honesty, transparency, respect and time