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Let’s Work Together

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What is Let's Work Together?

Let’s Work Together is a multi-agency initiative that works to give service managers and home visitors the tools, training and skills they need to provide the ‘eyes and ears’ for partner organisations. Through Let’s Work Together, home visitors can   offer a wider range of support and sign-posting to help local people to live healthy, safe and independent lives.

As a home visitor Let’s Work Together will give you the skills you need to spot risks in your clients’ homes, as well as the confidence and know-how to make referrals. You will also know how the referral system works and be confident that referrals you make will be dealt with by an appropriate professional.

As a service manager Let’s Work Together will help you to make sure your staff get the training they need to spot risks in their clients’ homes, and have the skills and confidence they need to make a referral.

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Inspired by Olive

Olive Simcock lived alone in South Staffordshire, and her lifestyle put her at a high risk from fire.

Although she was known to care staff from Staffordshire County Council, she was not known to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. Unfortunately, because of this, the fire risks in her home were not identified and addressed.

Olive sadly died in a fire at her Staffordshire home in 2006.

Following Olive’s death, the Olive Branch Initiative was launched. Its aim was to   prevent unnecessary deaths, like Olive’s, in the future.

Through the Olive Branch Initiative, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Staffordshire County Council now work together to train their staff on risks and making referrals, when necessary.

From spotting obvious fire risks, even if they don’t fall into a home visitor’s traditional service area, through to sharing potentially life-saving information, the initiative is proving to be a success.

Where next?

Let’s Work Together is providing a wide range of training programmes to service managers and home visitors across Staffordshire. The training will help people to spot risks, and advise them where to go next.

A referral process has also been introduced that is assisting home visitors to help local people get the support they need from the full spectrum of local agencies.

Above all, Let’s Work Together aims to equip home visitors with the support they need to never miss a chance to make a difference.