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About us

You can watch a short 2 minute video here which explains Support Staffordshire in a nutshell or watch the full 8 minute video here.

At Support Staffordshire we believe that an effective and influential Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in Staffordshire enriches the lives of local people and communities.

Our services aim to increase skills and knowledge, harness the drive, enthusiasm and energy of people, to enhance individual and family livelihoods, to build capacity in neighbourhoods & communities and to improve the relationships and resilience of organisations and individuals.

It can be helpful to think of Support Staffordshire as acting like the ‘nuts and bolts’ or the ‘glue’ that holds our sector together, although often our role is much less explicit even than this, rather acting like the microscopic organisms that ensure any ecosystem is able to function healthily.

Support Staffordshire is a fully inclusive and democratic membership organisation for the entire local VCSE sector. Our membership is open to the whole sector according to our agreed membership criteria, and membership automatically warrants a vote, which amongst other things means that members elect our Board.

We support all VCSE member organisations in three main ways:

  • The Advancement of Volunteering for All
  • Support and Development Services to VCSE Organisations including Start-ups
  • Facilitating Collaboration, Voice and Representation